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Voyager Blade 2

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The purpose of emergency lighting is to allow people to make their way safely out of a building in the event of an emergency for example during a black out. In these situations, lighting can save lives and keep people calm. It goes without saying that emergency lighting must comply with all relevant rules and regulations. The best emergency lighting goes further, incorporating flexible luminaires with ease of installation and maintenance, long life, and energy efficiency.

Voyager Blade 2 does exactly that. The versatile base housing is robust and easy to mount on walls and ceilings. The housing is identical for the two recognition ranges reducing the complexity to identify the right accessory for different mounting options such as recessed  or suspended installation. Extending the flexibility even further, all pictograms (Up, Left, Right, Down and a white foil) are included with delivery.

Different autonomy durations because of local requirements needed?
Voyager Blade 2 is the perfect choice offering a selectable autonomy duration of 1/2/3/8h (for manual and auto test) by changing DIP switch settings. The very thin light guiding acrylic plate is almost invisible from the side but offers a homogeneous appearance from the front due to a special print with a gradient that diffuses the light optimally.

Martin Hintzen Product Manager Systems: “Voyager Blade 2 really has it all. It was developed with the electrician in mind, providing ease of installation and various mounting options. With its sleek and slim design Voyager Blade 2 does not disrupt a space or room but blends in.”

Our emergency lighting always meets the latest European standards regarding safety and EMC, including: EN 60598-1; EN 60598-2-22; EN 62471; EN 55015; ISO7010