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VCT technology

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The VCT technology (Variable Colour Temperature) brings a new dynamic to your space. It is now possible to set dedicated colour temperatures for specific areas of your space, ranging from 2700 K to 6500 K. The VCT enables you to manually and automatically adjust light levels and to set pre-define lighting scenarios to   your exact requirements.

In addition, this technology can be managed with our basicDIM Wireless app or via lighting management systems with DALI2 compatibility . basicDIM Wireless is our control system with Casambi Bluethooth technology, integrating sensors, switches and luminaires that can be controlled and configured from a tablet or a smartphone using the dedicated app.

As it is wireless, basicDIM is just as well suited to existing installations as well as to newly built ones. Installation couldn’t be easier, as all the technology needed is built into the luminaire – with no extra wiring.

Add smart functionality to your workspace by combining VCT with Omega Pro 2, or bring a new dynamic edge to general areas and corridors, hospitality, or retail spaces by combining the technology with the renowned Chalice downlight. There will be a whole new level of stadium lighting when combining VCT with Altis.

Ulrich Jürgenschellert Product Manager Downlights: “VCT adds a lot of value to your standard downlight. You are now able to easily tune colour temperature and light levels either manually by using the app or automatically by pre-defining scenes and timings. The best part is that it doesn’t require a complex installation to get everything going”.